A Perfect Saturday

As far as I was concerned, Saturday’s weather just couldn’t have been better! So, Matt and I were off for two of our favorite past times, hiking and geocaching. We didn’t have to go far from home to have a wonderful time. And I needed to clarify something with him. DSC_5874Not too long ago a friend and I were looking for a new place to eat lunch together. So, I suggested Gambrill State Park at the overlook. Afterwards, I told Matt about it and he said he had never been there! I thought for sure that we had been there and also gotten a geocache. On Saturday, we headed there first. As soon as he saw it, he remembered that he had been there, four years ago. Whew, I thought I was imagining things!


Matt is holding the geocache. It was in a large bucket!

After the overlook, we had a geocache to find. For this one we had to drive on dirt roads all over the mountain. Then we parked and hiked for a mile to the cache. This one was at a rock that the cache owner called “Castle Rock.”

We climbed to the top of Castle Rock and there was a bit of a view through the trees. We had a “travel bug” with us and took photos of it visiting the cache site. A travel bug is something that you can hide in a geocache and then others can pick it up and move it to another cache. It will have a tag attached to it with a number. Then you can go online to geocaching.com and register where you left the travel bug. It can be any item that you are able to attach the tag onto. DSC_5892 3

This one just happened to be Tigger and we had great fun posing him for photos. Here is one of him mountain climbing! We didn’t leave him there in that cache. That particular cache doesn’t get found very often. I guess other people don’t want to go for a mile hike in the woods. But at least Tigger  got to visit the castle!DSC_5907

In my mind, that was the perfect way to spend our day. As I walked the rugged path, I noticed special things that God put there just for us, like the tiny toads that kept hoping away from our feet or the pretty pebbles in the water that gleamed like pennies, the sun shining through the trees illuminating bright green ferns and even the spider web that shimmered in the sun. All were amazing reminders that God pays attention to every detail, not only in the woods, but in my life too. He knows the rough paths that I will have to hike to get to the high points in life, but He also lovingly guides and places just what I need along the path to sustain me.

Here’s looking forward to the next gorgeous day!

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11 thoughts on “A Perfect Saturday

  1. Great story. I would love to have places like that to cache in around here. That is such a pretty place and I love the rock. We are going to go to the few parks around in the next few weeks and see if we can clean up a few dnf’s in our area.

    • Travel bugs are really fun, Shelley! They are kept track of online. We started one and have seen that it has gone to Argentina, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and Czechoslovakia! It has traveled 62,555 miles. Some travel bugs have certain goals like to visit every state.

  2. It looks like you had a great day and perfect weather for hiking. I have never done geocaching, but it is something that I would like to one day try. I enjoy your pictures!!

    • Geocaching seems like something you would enjoy, Colleen! What I appreciate about it is that it gets us outside and takes us places that we wouldn’t have thought of going to. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hi Janine, you sparked my curiosity in geocacheing. We hike a lot through the various mountains surrounding Redding, Ca. Currently we are hiking to waterfalls. I will have to do some research on geocacheing to see how it would work for us. Thanks for sharing your story.

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