Waterfall Therapy

In the last few days, I experienced waterfall therapy. Actually, it was almost an overdose! To view a waterfall, I have driven miles and hiked, climbed, slipped and even flown to get there. We did drive a bit and walked some, but we saw 5 waterfalls and lots of water. Where did we go? To the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

Enjoying Bear Run

There is something about a waterfall that charms me, makes me want to stay and watch every drop descend, to listen to the roar or trickle. It seems to soothe away whatever is troubling me. I call it waterfall therapy.

One family had some serious waterfall therapy going on. The Kaufmann family owned property in Mill Run, PA that included a mountain stream called Bear Run and several waterfalls. They would escape smoky Pittsburgh where their department store (Kaufmann’s-now part of Macy’s) was and enjoy the serenity of nature while staying in a rustic cabin with no heat or running water. They decided it was time to build a more modern vacation home and hired the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  He drew plans for what is now known as Falling Water.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Fallingwater. Photo ©Janine U Broscious 2013

The Kaufmanns were surprised when they saw the plans. They had pictured their home built on a spot where they would have a continual view of the 30 foot waterfall. But Wright had a different idea. What could be better than actually experiencing the waterfall, living with it, ON IT?!

Here we are pretending to live at Fallingwater

We toured this magnificent place on Saturday. What a work of art! I was constantly amazed at Frank Lloyd Wright’s ingenuity. I kept thinking what a dream come true it would be to live on a waterfall!! This masterpiece of a home had spacious living areas that were surrounded by windows that invited you to step outside. Once you did, you were on a terrace that hung cantilevered right over the waterfall. It is quite astounding to stand on this terrace and hear the roar of the waterfall.  I pictured myself living there in constant waterfall therapy.

But then I thought more about it. Yes, Falling Water is a marvel. It would be amazing to live there, at least for a while. Would the thrill of living with a waterfall wear off? Would the extraordinary become mundane?  Waterfalls are calming, soothing to me because they are not part of my everyday life! Sometimes, I become blind to the incredible things that are around me all the time, the tiny miracles and even the big ones. And I am convinced that I need to keep some things, like waterfalls, to be taken in small doses so that they remain effective.

However, a weekend full of waterfalls is fine with me, still quite effective and lovely! Once again, God, the Creator of nature and my soul, showed up and ministered to my heart.

Waterfall at Connellsville, PA

Waterfall at Connellsville, PA

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24 thoughts on “Waterfall Therapy

  1. Hi Janine,
    I like waterfalls, too; and they definitely can be therapeutic. They seem to calm the soul and soothe the stress. I remember hiking the falls at Rickett’s Glen State Park in PA. They have one set of waterfalls that is about 100′ tall!! I used to hike them quite often with my church’s youth group and we had picnics in the same area. Thank you for sharing your pictures of the house with the waterfalls going through it. I guess this house was built on waterfalls? I would be a little concerned about what might happen if there was a huge storm or lots of run-off, due to a spring thaw, after a particularly snowy winter. I don’t think that I would like to have a waterfall in my house because it would drown out the sounds of other things that I love to hear…..like the sounds of birds. (Of course this is what I mention here). LOL It looks like you and Matt had a wonderful time. I’m enjoying sharing your life’s journeys. Take care.

  2. The sight and sound of a waterfall…!! I would be out there 24/7…with my coffee…or taking a nap. I don’t believe it would ever get old for me. I see deer everyday and I still feel the thrill as if it was the first time I’ve ever seen them. I get teary eyed daily when I see all the marvels of nature.

    • You are probably right, Karen! It most likely would never get old for me either. Maybe I was just trying to make myself feel better about not being able to live there.

  3. Janine, I love the beauty in your writing and I love Falling Water! The Kaufman’s were blessed with the soothing sounds of the trickling waters. I have visited this home and was also amazed at the furniture in the main sitting room! Very retro for the day! Looks like you are having a great time RVing!

    • I was surprised that Wright designed most of the furniture too. Simply amazing stuff! We are having a great time. So many wonderful things to see and do. Thanks for your comment!

  4. I love waterfalls too! We have hiked to two parks in the last month to see them. They were killer hikes but the falls were beautiful to behold. At Whiskeytown Lake…Brandy Creek Falls was actually several separate falls, one on top of the other, separated by a few hundred feet each. I have pictures on my fb timeline. The other was at 6000 ft in Lassen National Park-Mills Creek Falls…lots of geothermal stuff poring into it…so the colors of the rocks surrounding it were something.

  5. I love waterfalls too. They are very therapeutic. If you ever go to Jamaica go to Dun River Fall. You can walk up it. This is where we took my cover photo.

  6. What a beautiful place. I feel the same way about waterfalls..very calming. Is it any wonder that little mini waterfalls are sold to people to have in their home…I love the sound of trickling water.

  7. How wonderful to move one of God’s creations right into your home. But, then most of what we enjoy, daily, is possible because of His creations. What a wonderful experience you had, so glad you wrote about it.

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