Lovin’ Life Bracelet

Lovin' Life BraceletI designed this bracelet a couple months ago. Since I hadn’t made one before, I wanted to make sure that the design was sturdy before I offered it for sale. Well, I LOVE mine! I find myself wearing it almost every day. It is earthy and yet classy. Very organic. ┬áThe pearls are lustrous and the Swarovski crystals sparkle and reflect many colors. Gorgeous, chunky Sterling Silver beads. Such a unique bracelet is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially the heart toggle clasp.

So, I named it Lovin’ Life Bracelet. I put a beautiful heart shaped toggle on the bracelet. The sterling beads, crystals and pearls all move and interact with each other. Sort of like life; many different parts and yet a whole. It’s really one of my favorite designs!

Check it out at the website here: Lovin’ Life Bracelet

Lovin' Life Bracelet

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4 thoughts on “Lovin’ Life Bracelet

  1. You take such pride in your work. Using your talent and producing a quality product that is not only beautiful…but meaningful. I once crocheted a simple afgan of multi colored crayons for a friend battling cancer…representing all her friends…individually…coming together…hugging her in its warmth.

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