“And You Gotta Get Lobstah Here!”

Experiencing the Portland Head Lighthouse was wonderful, but it was just the start of our day. While in line to get the tickets to enter the lighthouse, the locals had great fun suggesting all the places we just had to visit, even to where we should get dinner! First, we definitely wanted to see a couple more lighthouses. At this point, we had learned one thing about Maine. It took much longer to get anywhere than anticipated. The folks in Maine know how to set speed limits and they all follow them, unlike where we live. Lighthouses tend to be on the coast and it’s not a straight shot up the coast, but rather driving for a long time out one ragged finger, look at a lighthouse, drive back up the finger and out another one to see the next lighthouse…all at a slow speed. 🙂 Our next stop was Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse.DSC_7311 2

As we approached Spring Point, we were greeted by a lovely lady handing out souvenir tickets. Next we were given history of the lighthouse by a man standing at the end of the jetty. Walking and jumping over the granite boulder jetty was harder than it first looked, but we finally got to the end only to have to wait in line for the privilege of going into the lighthouse. On each floor, volunteers explained all about the lighthouse until we finally reached the top. It was not a very tall one, but very interesting none-the-less.DSC_7333 2

We still wanted to get to one more lighthouse that day, but we were told that we had to stop in Freeport. I’m not much of a shopper, but it was on the way and you just can’t miss L.L. Bean!DSC_7358

We did see moose! These were, in fact, the only moose we saw on the trip and they were in the L.L.Bean flagship store. After locking horns, these poor moose perished.DSC_7371

Matt made a new friend while in the store that liked to shake hands. We didn’t see anything that we just had to buy at L.L.Bean, but we did stop to get coffee and a geocache in Freeport.DSC_7352 2

Can you imagine crocheting this for a light pole? I found that while Matt was searching for the cache. But it was time for another lighthouse.DSC_7397 2

Again, we had to drive a bit and arrived just five minutes before open lighthouse was over at 3:00. The GPS took us on extremely rough back roads to get to Doubling Point Lighthouse. We were glad we were in Sherman, our tough truck! We parked Sherman and ran down the path to the boardwalk. Yes! We were just in time to enjoy the view from the lighthouse.DSC_7378

DSC_7381Matt decided to hunt for a geocache there on the grounds, so I attempted to sketch the lighthouse. I have always wanted to sit outside and sketch or paint and this seemed the perfect time. I only had about 5 minutes, so I hurriedly sketched away.DSC_9309 2

The day was drawing to a close, but supper had to be found. At the beginning of the day, our friends from the line had told us that we just had to get “lobstah” at Cook’s. So, off to Bailey Island we drove. This was such a pretty little island, one with an abundance of photographic opportunities. To reach the island, you must traverse the only granite block cribstone bridge in the world. It lets the tide go through and I had never seen anything like it. Quite astounding.DSC_7446 2

What a great idea for letting the tide through!DSC_7444

We crossed this lovely bridge and found our supper spot, Cook’s Lobster House. I told the waitress that I had never really had lobster before, at least not that I can remember. She enjoyed explaining just how to eat one.DSC_7418 2

Since I have almost mastered the blue crabs of Maryland, I just knew I wouldn’t have any trouble with a lobster. She brought me a real beauty.DSC_7433 1

When our waitress realized what a momentous occasion this was for us, she offered to take our photo. DSC_7439-001

Oh, was that lobster good! I declared that I wouldn’t even bother with crabs anymore! Not near as much work for the amount of food! Of course, I suppose lobster is just not as good anywhere else when you haven’t been looking at lighthouses all day. Here was our view during dinner.DSC_7421 2

Our tummies were happy and the sun was setting. We drove a bit more on the island and found this beautiful spot, Mackerel Cove.DSC_7447 2-1

I was using a book called, “The Photographer’s Guide to the Maine Coast” by David Middleton and Bruce H. Morrison. In the book, they told of a pretty little fishing shack that was decorated with buoys. We searched for a bit and found the shack. But it looked like it had fallen on hard times since they had taken their photo. Now you can see right through it, but it was still a scenic spot.DSC_7551 2

Finally, we drove to the end of the road to enjoy the sunset. As I took more photos, Matt found one more geocache. See him up on the rocks?DSC_7521 3

What an amazing day in Maine! What a blessing Open Lighthouse Day had been for us. And we still had more days in Maine yet to enjoy.

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5 thoughts on ““And You Gotta Get Lobstah Here!”

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  2. I did indeed love Maine and want to go back! We will have to go to Wells and check out that store. It is so fun that for your honeymoon you chose camping in Maine!

  3. I love Maine. For my honeymoon I had a choice…a cruise or camping in Maine. Went to Maine each year after that too up until our children started school. Now my daughter and I go. Beautiful as you found out. Great food and weather. I really enjoy the Lighthouse Store-Lighthouse Depot-Gift Store in Wells,Maine…lots of miniture lighthouses decorated in all ways imaginable. The pic of the two of you at dinner at Cook’s Lobster House says it all. I don’t have to ask if you will be going back…I’m sure you will. Nothing better than a good dose of quality time.

  4. Janine,
    I am so glad that you are enjoying your vacation in Maine. You have gone to many of the lighthouses that we visited (and a few that we didn’t). There is so much to see in Maine and so much to do! I’m glad that you got the chance to stop in LL Bean. That store is huge and I love the displays inside of it. I bought a coat in that store, and I still have that coat. It is one of my favorites. The picture of you and Matt with the lobster tails makes me feel like eating lobster!! Great pictures!

    • Colleen, it was wonderful. I still have several days in Maine to cover. I was really tempted to shop in LLBean, but we just stopped briefly. We wanted to get to another lighthouse and just barely made it before they closed it!

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