A New Favorite Lighthouse

After dreaming about seeing one particular lighthouse, I was quite surprised that a different one actually became my favorite of the trip.  No matter how I envision something, it almost always ends up differently than I thought. I guess to me, a lighthouse should be on a beautiful coast with pristine scenery around it. Even though I loved seeing the Portland Head lighthouse and it was a wonderful experience, I will admit to being disappointed that it was so close to the city of Portland. I pictured driving up through countryside or maybe a village and then rounding a corner and seeing the lighthouse. Silly, huh? This girl is a country girl, through and through. Cities are just not my thing. But I did find a lighthouse that fit the bill.

The day following Open Lighthouse Day, Matt and I decided to see Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. To reach this lighthouse, we drove through little villages. Much more acceptable! After parking the truck, this was the first view we had of the lighthouse.DSC_7644 2

I had read that this lighthouse was situated on a rocky coast that was great for photos. What amazing rock formations! Again, I took a lot of photos trying to get just the effect that I was looking for. Here is my favorite.DSC_7618 3 w copyright

So many colors in the rocks! Such a lovely setting! After I was finally happy with my photography efforts, we went back around to the other side and waited in line to go up in the lighthouse. Only a few of the lighthouses in Maine still have a Fresnel lens and Pemaquid is one of them. The prism covered lens which had been installed in 1856, allows a small lightbulb to shine 14 nautical miles.DSC_7637 2

The view from the lighthouse was spectacular!DSC_7633

After the lighthouse, we toured the Fishermen’s Museum that was in the lightkeeper’s house.DSC_7651 2

I love pretending that I live in these kinds of places and sat on the porch daydreaming.DSC_7654

Matt realized that there were a few geocaches nearby and one of our goals of the trip was to get a least one everyday. While walking to the caches, we came upon a forest of rock statues. I’ve been noticing these in various places that visit. Is it just a way to say, “I was here?” DSC_7690 2

As Matt continued to look for geocaches, I decided to take a few more photos. But all the fresh air and sunshine got the best of me. He caught me as I relaxed on the rocks, almost to the point of falling asleep. DSC_7712 2

I felt like I could stay at Pemaquid forever. And we had stayed for most of the day. But we also knew that the next day we would be traveling to Bar Harbor. There were still so many places to see! So, off to Camden we went.DSC_7726 2

Camden has a harbor filled with boats and a street of shops. I had to stop in a shop named The Smiling Cow. Who could resist it? We bought a mug there that had Maine written on it with a lobster.  And I can’t remember if that was the shop that was right over the waterfall or not, but there was one like that. We found another geocache and I enjoyed watching this artist, Renee Lammers, paint. I keep telling myself that someday I will paint outside like that! DSC_7769 2

It had been a full day and it was drawing to a close. We had been camping near Boothbay Harbor during this time in Maine and yet we hadn’t even been to see it. It was supper time, and we had a great meal at McSeagulls and watched the sunset. I was in love with Maine and there was so much more to see in this area. But I had set up a schedule and reserved spots at campgrounds so we were moving on the next day to farther north. Someday, I will return to Boothbay. I did not get my fill and I would love to spend another day at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.DSC_7784  6

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8 thoughts on “A New Favorite Lighthouse

  1. Hi Jamie. What a nice day you had! Maine is beautiful. I feel very lucky to live here in Maine and paint. I really love the photo you took of me painting! I was so pleased to finish that painting. It was a difficult painting to do…so many houses…and boats! Sold it very quickly…thank you God! I hope you come back to Maine someday soon.

    • I saw that it sold quickly!! I got online to see if I could buy it, but it was gone two days after you posted it! I’m not surprised with your beautiful talent. Thank you for commenting, Renee!

  2. Do you see the refection of the lighthouse in the water along the rocks in your second pic…? I love it…!! I never heard of geocache. What a wonderful adventure looking for and finding them. To maybe find a treasure that someone left for you…and then you leaving a treasure for someone else. It truely is about giving to others. I’m glad that you and Matt could combined your favorite things. I look forward to reading more of your travels.

    • I had a lot of fun taking the photo so that the reflection would show. Had to get way down low and lay on the rocks! lol. And, yes, it is so fun that Matt and I both enjoy being outside, even if it is for different reasons. Thanks for your lovely comments, Karen!

  3. Looking at your pictures of Main makes me feel like digging out all of the pictures that I took of Maine, when we were there. Pemaquid Point is a beautiful lighthouse and I liked the rock formations around it, too. It is fun to see what the artists are painting and to see their perspectives and painting styles. I’m sure you would have no problems with doing this yourself! I’ve never painted outside, but I am sure that it is relaxing to be painting something so beautiful while enjoying God’s creation..

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