Leaf Peeping in New Hampshire..And More

The beauty that surrounded me in New Hampshire brought to mind two lines from a song I love: “With all creation I sing praise to the King of Kings.” The leaves were just a bit farther along than they had been while we were in Maine. I can’t imagine how spectacular it must be in the height of the Fall colors. But it didn’t matter. Everywhere I looked, I saw majesty. The White Mountains were a wonderful backdrop for the trees that turned early.

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Three days were not near enough to experience that wonder of the White Mountains. There are over 1200 miles of trails! But we still fit a lot into our days in New Hampshire including several waterfalls.¬†Arethusa Falls was one that I was excited to visit since I had seen photos of it. We arrived at the parking lot and saw a sign warning that the 1.5 mile hike to the falls would take an hour and a half one way so it should not be started close to sunset. ¬†We usually take our time on hikes stopping for geocaches and photos as well as just breaks for soaking in the surroundings. And I knew I wanted to take photos at the waterfall. But we figured out the time and when sunset would occur and decided to go for it. We passed several people coming back down and one woman even warned us that we wouldn’t make it. She hoped we had flashlights. Well, we didn’t. I had great motivation to keep going even though the path was quite strenuous, at least for me. Finally, we made it to the Arethusa Falls.

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It was pretty, but not what I was expecting. Not much water flowed over the tiered rocks. Someday, I’ll make that trek again, hopefully when there is more water. That night I slept really well and the next day we were off again, to Tuckerman Ravine.

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My new best friends were my Keen hiking boots and a walking stick! Even so, I needed to keep a constant watch where I was stepping or I would have tripped. The rocks were fascinating though. New Hampshire is known as the Granite State and while on the tour up Mt. Washington, our guide laughed when someone asked if the rocks they saw were granite. “You would think so,” she exclaimed, “but there are a lot more of these rocks than granite. They are called mica schist. But for some reason no one wanted to call it the Mica Schist State.” And mica schist sure was plentiful!

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See the large, shiny flakes in the rock? That’s mica. As I walked along, carefully choosing my steps, the path glittered under my feet. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by bling!!

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Took a bit of time to enjoy the flowers and then it was off for some geocaches. There was one in Jackson which led us to this covered bridge.

DSC_8717 2

This photo would have been quite different if I had known the bridge’s nickname. You would have had to put up with a photo of Matt and I smooching in front of the bridge, also known as “Honeymoon Bridge.” Locals have a tradition of having their photo taken here on their wedding day. It wasn’t our wedding day, but we are still honeymooners! We enjoyed finding the geocache in the middle of the bridge but there were more just through it.

DSC_8749 3

Jackson Falls were spread out glory! We kept driving around and stopping for more geocaches.

DSC_8802 2

He found the cache! Isn’t he one good-looking geocacher?! That was the end of another day. But we still had one more day in NH to enjoy it’s beauty. We decided to drive the Kancamagus Highway, famous for spectacular views.

DSC_8816 2

Oh, what a joy!

DSC_8837 2

Can’t get much better than that! We continued driving, stopping, ooooing and awwwwing. But another geocache was up ahead. When we pulled over for this one, we found a young man stopped there. He asked if we would take his photo.

DSC_8841 2

Travis had been biking for quite some time since he had started in Seattle Washington! His goal was to cycle from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic. I have a feeling he made it! Travis watched in amusement as we entered the nearby woods and starting poking around. Finally, he couldn’t keep from asking, “Did you lose something?” Matt was more than willing to explain geocaching to him. It got the best of him and before we knew it, Travis was looking for the cache too. He was quite amused when he saw the small box containing trinkets and a log book. As we hopped back into Sherman, Travis called out, “It’ll be your fault if I never make it to the Atlantic because I’m looking for geocaches!” Nice to know we had such a good influence.DSC_8840 2

I have two more adventures from New Hampshire to tell you about. Next time!

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  2. Wow! Love these pics! THIS is what I’ve been waiting for! Sorry there wasn’t as much water at the fall as when we were there. That is a bit disappointing, but it’s still very pretty! Now…on to Flume Gorge???

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