There’s Just Something About Autumn

Isn’t this time of year wonderful? Autumn has always been a favorite for me. For one thing, I have loved the color orange. Vibrant, cheerful…what’s not to love? So, when the trees turn various shades of orange and pumpkins show up all over the place, it just brings a smile to my face. My usual walks in the woods become more glorious, colorful and crisp. The nights are cooler inviting me to sip on hot tea. The sunsets seem more spectacular. So, here are just some of my favorite Autumn photos that I have taken through the years. Enjoy! What do you like about Fall?

Autumn View2

Tarnished Gold

Harvest Blessings4

Autumn Window


DSC_2916 2

DSC_9659 2

DSC_9427-1c 2

DSC_9371 3

See more beautiful Fall photos here: Leaf Peeping in New Hampshire

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6 thoughts on “There’s Just Something About Autumn

  1. Beautiful pictures, Janine!! I like fall because of fall bird migration. Dom and I have been spending quite a bit of time in Cape May. I love to photograph birds and then try to figure out what they are (if I can’t identify them). It is like going on a treasure hunt!

  2. Great pictures. I really don’t like the color orange, EXCEPT on the trees in the fall. I love the colors in the trees and sipping hot chocolate and crunching on dry leaves as we hike through the mountain trails 🙂

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