Creatively Thankful

What a beautiful Thanksgiving I just experienced! We were blessed to be able to travel to North Carolina to be with our son, Jeremy, and his wife, Karlin. We took our camper since their guest bedrooms were wonderfully filled with  Karlin’s family, and parked in it a new campground that opened just down the road from their house. It got pretty cold while we were there. We hadn’t used this camper in 28 degree weather and I wondered if the water hose would freeze, but it didn’t. A drink of water was really cold though!

But back to the beauty. I have such a creative daughter-in-law! Look at this beautiful table…DSC_9949 2a

But that wasn’t the extent of the lovely Autumn decorations. When we arrived a couple days before Thanksgiving, there was this beautiful and unusual decoration on the front door.DSC_9931 2

On Thanksgiving day, a different wreath appeared! DSC_9967 2

Here is a closeup of the turkey wreath that she made. Isn’t it adorable?!

DSC_9937 2

This was the first time that I can remember that I didn’t cook or help cook the Thanksgiving meal. Karlin and her sister, Amber, did it all. That left time for Karlin’s mom, Joelyn, and me to work on a project. Joelyn asked if I would teach her to crochet a doily. Thread crochet is more difficult than regular crochet, but she jumped right in and began making a lovely piece. She was eager to learn how to crochet from a diagram too. Here is what we worked on while the younger women cooked.DSC_9986 2

What a blessing it was to spend several days with Karlin’s mom. I wish I had asked Matt to take of photo of Joelyn and me crocheting. But we did get a photo of Karlin’s famly.DSC_9970

Karlin and Amber made a wonderfully delicious meal. Almost all of it was gluten free and corn free so that I could eat it! Look at this gorgeous meal!!DSC_9956 3

It was a joy to be surrounded by family and lovely creativity. But, then it was time to travel home past all the fields of puffy white cotton and on to the heavy traffic of DC. I began noticing several RVs heading south and counted them. Would you believe in the short trip from NC to MD we counted 124 RVs heading south?! Maybe we were heading the wrong direction! But we’ll head that way in a couple months and it’ll be great to see Jeremy and Karlin again on the way down!DSC_9975 3