A Day in Vermont

We only had one day in Vermont, but I loved it! It was time to start the trek home from out New England trip, but instead of going straight south, we decided to see a bit of Vermont since we were up that way. Besides, we are on the hunt for geocaches in every state. So, we went from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to Vermont’s Green Mountains.

First we spent a day of Matt working and me doing laundry and cooking. Most of this trip was actual vacation, but since he didn’t have enough vacation days, it was time for Matt to work again. What a blessing it is that he can work wherever there is internet. He even works in the passenger seat while I drive the rig. That turned out to be a challenge in Vermont. Those roads are so bumpy that he could hardly type! But after a day of work, it was our day to explore a bit of Vermont. The friendly woman at the Lake Champaign Campground in Randolph suggested a drive on Route 100. She promised lots of pretty scenery and Matt said there were geocaches along the way. Sounded perfect, so we drove through Randolph and were on our way.DSC_9017 2

Our first geocache of the day was at Glen Moss Falls. As Matt searched for the geocache, I endeavored to take a silky shot of the falls. This is something that usually requires a tripod, but that was back in the car, so I attempted it without. None of them were satisfactory, so after Matt found the geocache we went back to the car for the tripod. Here is Matt holding a travel bug that he found in the geocache.DSC_9056 2

On our way there, we stopped to chat with Pop. He had his attractive stand at the falls parking lot. Now, Matt and I had decided to purchase maple syrup in each New England state. Pop bragged that his syrup was the “world’s best Vermont maple syrup” and gave us samples of different grades.DSC_9082 2

He was such a friendly, fun man and his syrup was indeed yummy. I’m still sad that the syrup we bought from him is all gone. I think it was not only the best Vermont syrup but also the best we got from our trip! Pop also told us that we should head back the way we came for a mile and visit the glassblower we had passed. We gathered the tripod and tried the silky waterfall shot again.DSC_9096 2

Yes! Finally nailed the silky shot! So, we were off to see the glassblower. I thought maybe it was just going to be a shop where he sold his art, but Michael Egan was hard at work in his Open Studio. As he crafted beautiful glass pumpkins, Michael chatted with us about his work and his love of the area. Another friendly Vermontian! Or is it Vermonter? I couldn’t resist and bought a few glass pumpkins. So pretty!DSC_9099 2

Our stomachs were telling us it was lunchtime. On these sorts of outings we pack a lunch and look for a scenic spot to eat. This one was scenic, included another geocache and had a lovely name: Blueberry Lake.DSC_9112

Continuing on our drive, we passed lovely fields ringed with gorgeous mountains.DSC_9127 2

Beauty was everywhere we looked!DSC_9131 2

We took a cross road over to Northfield where we had heard there would be covered bridges. It seems that Vermont is the land of covered bridges! We stopped and found three of them right in a row. I found this home’s architecture to be interesting. Where I live, most of the homes look like they came from a cookie cutter. But the homes in Vermont showed real character and individuality.DSC_9143

Of course, there were geocaches at the bridges so while Matt searched for them, I shot photos. This sign amused me. I’m sure the problem is not something to laugh about, but still…DSC_9145

The bridges attract lots of attention and we became friendly with the other people there. They were each from different states and were traveling the country looking at covered bridges. One offered to take our photo.DSC_9155 2

Shadows were becoming long and the sun was low on the horizon when we took a turn in the road and both gasped! You see, throughout our trip I had been searching for the quintessential New England church photo. Finally, here in Vermont, we found the perfect one! East Braintree Congregational Church sits nestled in the little town with mountains and trees all around. It was just lovely in the late afternoon sun.DSC_9174 2-001

Vermont is another place that I would love to revisit. One day was not nearly enough! But what time we had was lovely!

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8 thoughts on “A Day in Vermont

  1. Wow, you did allot of things in just one day in Vermont. I love your pictures, especially the one of the waterfalls. (You did nail that one!!) Vermont syrup is the best, and Vermont is a great place to visit. My very favorite place to ski is in Killington Vermont.In fact, my son spent 4 days in Vermont the past week, with 4 friends. The weather wasn’t the best for skiing, so they headed North, for one day of their trip; and they ended up at the Canadian border. Dominick and his friends were amused with the border patrol signs so they posed and took pictures. A border patrol man stopped and spoke with them (asking what they were doing); and he was amused that they had came all of the way from NJ in a 1994 Toyota Camry Station Wagon. He asked them “are you sure that thing is going to make it home”?!? LOL They did make it home, and they had a great time in Vermont. I’m glad that you enjoyed your day in Vermont, too. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    • It sure sounds like Dominick had fun in Vermont too! Lol. And I’m glad they made it back home. I want to explore Vermont more another time, but I think I’d like it in any season other than winter!

  2. Beautiful! I hope one day to do what you guys do. Just drive see the area stop where we see something we are interested in, instead of rushing off to one place or another. Awesome pictures!

    • Thanks, Karen! I hope you can too. And I think the only way I got Matt to slow down was through geocaching. He loves it and it gives me time to just enjoy wherever we are!

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