Lake George and Our 500th Geocache

As I sit here watching the snow swirling, I’m reliving warmer days on our New England trip. We had one more stop on our way home, Lake George, NY. I had often heard of people talk about Lake George but hadn’t ever been there. So, I wanted to see what everyone was talking about.DSC_9275 3

We parked our camper at an RV park and began exploring. First of all, I must say that the actual town of Lake George was not my kind of place. We didn’t really stop, but it was full of signs. No charm. So, we started driving around the lake. I thought we’d be able to see the lake as we drove around, but I wasn’t seeing it at all. Finally, we rounded a turn and came to a nice view. It was a marina with a sign that said only members could park in the lot. We thought maybe we could just stop for a photo but as we drove into the lot a man immediately stormed out of the little building and charged at us. With veins bulging in his neck, he yelled and wondered about our literacy. We explained that we just wanted to take a photo of the beautiful lake, but he screamed at us to leave. I hope he wasn’t the salesman for new members! So far, my opinion of Lake George was not that good.

We gave up the idea of just driving around to see the sights and decided to look for geocaches. We found a trail that led around part of the lake and had geocaches along the way! Now this was more like it!! This is the view that I often have while geocaching.DSC_9209 3

I follow while Matt looks at his GPS to see which way we need to go. It took several years of geocaching to convince him that there is usually a path to the cache. He instead just wants to “bushwhack” and hike straight to the cache, no matter what we might have to cross. We have fought our way through many a bramble thicket and sloshed through bogs. Thankfully, after hiking through the woods a bit, we did come across the path. And soon we were in the area of our first geocache of the day. DSC_9211 2

What a clever one it was! This was hidden up in the crook of a tree! Do you see it up there?


We only had one more cache to go to get our 500th one! We were excited to find it and I was pleased to see that this one had been placed by another creative person. What a lovely paint job!DSC_9234 2

And Matt was excited to reach 500! Can you tell?!DSC_9235 2

Isn’t that just the best geocaching photo ever?! We tried taking a shot of the two of us on this momentous occasion.DSC_9213

Finally, the path led us to some beautiful views. Lake George really IS a pretty place!DSC_9238 4

On the way back to the campsite, I saw this painted shed. Somehow it encapsulated how I feel about our travels. We want to take that dreamed of trek across our great country! DSC_9182 3

Soon it will be time for another trip! But I’ll never forget this one to New England.

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4 thoughts on “Lake George and Our 500th Geocache

  1. Wow!!! You have found 500 geocaches?!! How long have you been doing this for? Thie picture of the two of you is so sweet, and you are a good looking couple……you both pretty much look the same as I remember you. The guy at the marina sounds like a dope. LOL Maybe he had something to hide, and that is why he didn’t want anyone coming near the place? I like the picture of you standing near the americana themed shed….very pretty!!

    • Yes! 500!! We’ve been geocaching since 2007. Our goal now is to get at least one in every state. I love it because it gets us outside and enjoying God’s creation. And it’s provided us with many adventures!

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