Rainy Day: Perfect for Hobbies

Today is cool and raining. I have a feeling I won’t get any sympathy from those of you that are covered in snow. But I still need to find things to do and I just don’t want to go outside. Thankfully, I have a few hobbies. Well, maybe a lot of hobbies. So after finishing breakfast dishes, I contemplated doing laundry, but those creative things were calling my name.

I’ve been making progress on the doily that I began over Thanksgiving weekend. Only a couple more rounds to go and then I can block it.Thanksgiving Doily

Last year I made this art journal page. Things have sure changed! No more pop-up! So, I definitely want to work some more on my drawing and painting. DSC_0441 3

The Butterfly Rejoice project is almost finished. I just realized as I photographed it that I haven’t put my initials and date on it. Must do that. Then I am contemplating how to finish the edges. I’ve thought of painting them different colors. Or maybe add fabric. Here are two fabrics that I’m considering. Still not sure.DSC_4850-1-2b

Lastly, I’m excited about a photography venture. This is my “new” camera! I will write more about it at another time, but isn’t is gorgeous?! It’s a treasure that we found on ebay. I just loaded some black and white film into it yesterday. Next sunny day, I am going to try it out!DSC_4835 2b

So, what do you do on rainy days?

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4 thoughts on “Rainy Day: Perfect for Hobbies

  1. When is this camera from??? Does it have a single, fixed lens or is it interchangeable?

    I have an old Yashica SLR from the late 70’s or so. It has a standard 50mm lens and a telephoto zoom which I’m not using. If they fit, you’re welcome to use them. Of course, you’d have to come back north for that!

    • Hey, Ron! This camera is a twin lens reflex from about 1960. It doesn’t take other lenses as far as I know. I have a lot to learn about it! Do you use your Yashica SLR? And I will come back north…just not yet!

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