Geocaching Old Florida

There is so much to do here in Florida! No need to ever be bored. First, I love our new site. We are in a completely different part of the large RV park, Sun-N-Fun, and at first I wasn’t sure I’d like it as well. But we are closer to a creek and wildlife comes right up to the camper. These ibises had juveniles with them.DSC_4874 2

But who wants to stay at the camper? The first night that it wasn’t raining, we decided to run out for a quick geocache. I have a facebook friend that lives about 30 miles south of Sarasota and she suggested that we try to find a micro cache that she and her family couldn’t find after about 10 attempts. Micro caches often give Matt and I a hard time and we leave disappointed. I was afraid that we wouldn’t be much help. So, as we headed down the road, I posted on her facebook timeline to wish us luck. What a surprise we had when we arrived at the coordinates. Carla and her hubby, Mike, were there to help us look! As Carla told her woes of not finding it, Matt shared stories with her of unusual finds we have encountered. As they chatted, I looked while I listened. One cache that Matt told about was an especially tricky one. It was in a small hole in the ground that was covered with a bottle cap. Our son, Philip, had found that one. Still searching, I noticed a plastic cap on the ground. Surely this one wouldn’t be the same type. But on a whim, I turned over the cap. Guess what I found!DSC_4854

Needless to say, both Carla and Matt were astonished that I had not only found the cache, but found it so quickly. I was surprised too! Usually, Matt is the one that finds the cache while I take photos or daydream. I hope Carla is still my friend. She was relieved and sort of frustrated that the cache was found. As we said our farewells, they pointed out that their car is a travel bug. See that sticker?DSC_4855 2

Our first Saturday here turned out to be a good geocaching day too. It had been raining ever since we arrived in the sunshine state. But on Saturday, even though it was cloudy, the rain was gone. Off to Myakka River State Park we went with our bicycles in the truck bed. This lovely park shows what “Old Florida” was like, untamed, wild, and features lots of biking trails. Amazingly, there are tons of geocaches along these paths. Before we could park and get out the bikes, we saw several people out along the roadway. We stopped to see what the fuss was about. Alligators!DSC_4891 2

They were huge. The longest one was probably 10 feet long and 5 feet wide. Such amazing animals. Sort of remind me of tires flattened out with legs.DSC_4896 2

They must not have been hungry as birds came very close to them and they didn’t even move. Just across the water, men were fishing for tilapia. A heron was helping them. Okay, maybe he was hoping for a scrap of bait.DSC_4900 2

Myakka’s beauty is everywhere you look.DSC_4901 2

But enough of enjoying the scenery. We were there to bike and geocache. We cycled through a green tunnel.DSC_4905 2

We did find seven geocaches during our bike ride. This was my favorite, a hole drilled into a coconut!DSC_4908 2

Riding along, we noticed some hikers heading toward us. Suddenly, they stopped and darted into the brush next to the path. Matt figured they had to be geocachers. Sure enough, when we reached where they were, we found out that this couple, Caviar42, were the ones that hid most of the caches that we were finding. It’s always fun meeting other geocachers!DSC_4911

Here is another one we found. The surrounding sure looks like “old” Florida, don’t you think?DSC_4914 2

Well, I thought I’d write about what we did on Sunday too, but another time. Hope you enjoy our geocaching adventures!

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  1. I’ve never went geocaching, but you and Matt seem to have alot of fun doing it. What is the most unusual thing you have found in a geocache? What is the longest amount of time you have ever spent looking for one? I enjoyed your blog and your pictures.

    • There have been several caches that we just didn’t find. Sometimes we have looked for an hour before giving up. I’ve been amused at several of the containers for geocaches. One was a birdhouse that was really a geocache!

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