Art Endeavors at Sun-N-Fun

As you’ve probably already figured out, I enjoy art in many forms: making jewelry, photography, mixed media collage, crochet, embroidery and scherenschnitte. I’ve made attempts at drawing and painting, but have so much to learn. My time here in Florida gives me opportunity to work on it. There are several free art classes here in the park that are led by very talented volunteers. I have gone to two drawing classes. The first one covered perspective.DSC_4953 2

The second one did too, but he also had us look at our hand and draw it. We had to start drawing and never look at our paper and couldn’t lift the pencil either. The teacher said this sort of exercise would help train our observing skills. Here is my attempt.DSC_4961 2

The class has not taught us any painting, but I really want to learn how to use watercolors. I ordered a DVD, but it hasn’t come yet and all my books are at home. Unfortunately,I don’t remember anything I learned when I did it with the kids for homeschooling. I decided to break out my little watercolor set and just give it a try.DSC_4860 2

First I played with each color in my art journal. It gave me something to do during the Super Bowl!

DSC_4945 2

Then, I decided to sit outside and draw the mobile home across the street. I figured it would be good practice in perspective. The spiky palm trees were more difficult than I anticipated.DSC_4960 3

I feel pretty vulnerable putting that one out there, but thought I’d just share my painting journey with you. Next, I decided to add color to a sketch that I did in Maine at the Doubling Point LighthouseDSC_4957 2

It was fun to add color and to think back on our Maine trip. I think each time I use the watercolors, I am learning a bit more. Maybe I’ll get brave and go to the class tomorrow where people just bring something they are working on and learn from others. Can’t hurt to go once, right?!

Speaking of art, I got a package in the mail. It was from Matt’s niece, Melissa. I have only seen her a couple times but we are facebook friends. I couldn’t imagine what it could be. It was something handmade!DSC_4962 2

Melissa said as soon as she saw the fabric that it just said my name to her! There are butterflies on the outside and look at the fabric inside. I love the words: cherish, be inspired, be joyful, be grateful.DSC_4967 2

It’s a gorgeous quilted tote bag! Beautifully made! Just perfect to carry all my art supplies to my classes.DSC_4950 2

Thanks, Melissa! That sure does make me inspired. Now, should I paint something or start a new embroidery project?

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8 thoughts on “Art Endeavors at Sun-N-Fun

  1. Hi Janine, You sure seem to be enjoying your art classes in Florida, and it is nice that you have the time to do that now. I love the quilted bag that Melissa sent to you, and it is something that I would buy for myself. Good luck with the watercolors, they can be tricky to work with.. When I paint, I usually use acrylic paints or oil colors. I enjoyed seeing your artwork, and I look forward to seeing what you will make next.

    • You are so right about watercolors being tricky! I worked on a new painting last night. I’m enjoying learning about them. I’d love to see some of your paintings!!!

  2. Janine, You’re staying at our old stomping ground at SNF! We spent 8 winters there and this is the first winter we are staying in MI. Needless to say, we’re going back to the resort NEXT Feb 2015. I don’t know if they’re offering any watercolor classes right now, but that’s where I first learned to paint in watercolors about 5 years ago. It’s my absolute favorite medium. I took to it so well, that “I” taught a large group last winter at SNF how to paint my Fox, Ever Watchful. Kathy Dolan and Jean Nye are two excellent artist that stay at SNF all winter. Jean’s email is If you email her, mention my name and tell her I recommended that you contact her. Maybe she can direct you to someone or somewhere so you can learn more about watercolors. I hope you’ll be back there next winter, especially when we’ll be there. If you go to my blog, you may have to search but you will find some of my watercolor paintings and Ever Watchful. My fox painting is the one I’m most proud of. My blog is I just can’t believe you’re there and I’m not! Please tell me you’ll be back next year.

    • Oh, Carol, I wish you were here!!! I know, you do too! Yes, we plan to come again next year. This is our third year here and we LOVE it! I am actually going to go to an art class tomorrow and I see it is led by Kathy Dolan! I’ll have to tell her that we are friends. How cool is all of this! I can’t wait to see you next year. I’ll go check out your blog. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Your watercolours are a very good start, and every time you use them, you will learn something new. One day, try painting without any drawing beforehand, and also try putting the darks in first.

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