Hooked on Doilies: Blocking

For some reason, once I start making doilies, it’s hard to stop.. It is a relaxing thing to do in the evenings while watching videos. I have a difficult time just sitting there not accomplishing something. I’d rather make something than just watch something! So, I just finished one that I began years ago. I think it is only the second oval one I’ve made. Here is how it looked after I finished crocheting it.DSC_1860 2

I’ve heard that some people never do the last step – blocking. It’s an important step. All it entails is washing it and then pinning it while it dries. I use two cardboard lids from packages of copier paper taped together with a towel on top to pin my doilies. These lids have been used so many times that they are about to fall apart. We may need to buy more copier paper soon. But I used a shoe box for a smaller doily.DSC_1862 2

It’s important to use the right pins too. I almost made a big mistake while pinning the larger oval doily. Blocking requires a lot of pins to do it properly and I ran out. No problem. I went into the craft room/studio and found another set of pins that I use in sewing. Then I remembered why I use the pins I do for blocking. They are stainless steel. I sure didn’t want rust marks on my pretty doily!

Even though the doily was nice before blocking, I was much happier with it afterwards. It lies flat now and shows the details better.DSC_1883

So getting washed, stretched and left to dry works! Sounds a bit like life, doesn’t it. Those stretching times are tough, but usually leave us more beautiful, like lovely doilies. I can’t stop. Had to start another one from the same book, A Dozen Doilies. The oval one was called, Augustina. Now I’m working on a pinwheel one. It’s Anastasia. I hope she won’t mind being stretched to become more beautiful! DSC_1884 3

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14 thoughts on “Hooked on Doilies: Blocking

  1. Is there anything you can’t do…? And everything you do is perfection. I hope it’s because it is pure pleasure and not stress. I can do these things also and while it does pleasure me…it is usually quite stressful before it is complete. Goes back to your mother-in-law Jo…how she makes you feel you can do anything…that’s how it is for me and my family…especially my sister and now her son.

  2. Janine,
    You amaze me with all of your talents. You seem to have a never ending list of all sort of projects going on all of the time. I like doilies, too, but I have never attempted to make one. It looks like you have it all figured out….and you know exactly what to do to make your doilies just perfect. They are so pretty and thanks for sharing your pictures.

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