Cambridge Memories: England 2

I awoke the morning we were to leave London with a bit of dread. We had avoided moving the car since we had parked it the night we arrived. But now, it was time to drive again, to Cambridge. It was daylight, so that was definitely an improvement over the last time we drove in London and as we made our way through the city I saw a sign that said, “Take Courage.” So, I took a deep breath, prayed and decided to be courageous. We actually went over the London Bridge as we left and in spite of the song, it was not falling down. Soon we were out of the maze of city streets and onto a highway headed for our next stop, Cambridge.

As much as we enjoyed our time with our new friends in London, I felt I could breathe easier in the open spaces. We didn’t have to travel very far before we came upon farms. There were bright yellow fields all over. How cheerful! I tried to grab a quick pic as we drove by.DSC_3999

DSC_4049 2

Worth House was great!! If you ever go to Cambridge, you’ll love staying here.

It didn’t take long to get to Cambridge and we found our new home. This time we would be staying for 5 nights as a base for Matt to work at three different sites. I was looking forward to settling in for a bit and hoped this place, Worth House, would be as nice as the reviews stated on TripAdvisor.

We arrived and our host, Guido, started off by saying that he was sorry, but they would not be able to serve us breakfast on our last morning. I didn’t think this would be that big of a deal, but then Guido said, “So, for no extra charge, we are upgrading you from a room to an apartment.” He then led us to a beautiful, spacious and comfortable apartment!

Guido and Maria. Such lovely people!

Guido and Maria. Such lovely people!

Guido had no idea what a blessing this was to a travel weary woman! This was just what we needed to recover from London, do laundry, and just plain old RELAX.

We settled in and then ate out at what I consider our first English pub.DSC_4007

Matt had the classic fish and chips.DSC_4010 2

We slept  well in our new home and the following day while Matt went to work,  I wrote a blog entry, and then decided to explore Cambridge. I had to walk and didn’t get far before I found a fun place to visit: Kettle’s Yard.  This had been the home of Jim Ede, a former Tate Gallery curator. He and his wife, Helen, collected works of art and displayed them throughout their home. I entered an unusual art gallery, laid out as a home, where you could sit in the chairs and enjoy the art.DSC_4108 2

I noticed many pebbles around the rooms and was told that Mr. Ede loved to collect them wherever he went and make them into spirals.DSC_4067 2

I took my time in Kettle’s Yard and before I knew it, Matt was back from his work. Now, we explored Cambridge a bit more thoroughly, together.  Of course we looked for geocaches. But I decided to wait in line at The King’s College Chapel while Matt looked for one of the caches. I met Ann and Glen in line.DSC_4179 2

These English ladies were waiting for Evensong in the chapel as well. I loved listening to their accents as we spoke. I realized how much better I fit in in this country rather than Italy. Being almost six feet tall and blue eyed, I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the petite, dark-eyed Italian women. Here in Cambridge, not only could I understand what they said, but I noticed many tall women, lots of blue eyes and pale skin too!

Finally, Matt joined us and it was time for Evensong. We entered the beautiful chapel and were seated.DSC_4284 2

I couldn’t get over how magnificent the chapel was with its fan vaulted ceiling and medieval stained glass windows. Then the choir filed in and the service began. The acoustics were amazing! The bass singers sounded like deep, mellow instruments and the sound lingered on after the choir stopped singing. The evening sun shone through the stained glass windows and glorious color poured over the walls. I got goose bumps as the voices raised praises to God: “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son: and to the Holy Ghost; As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.” I had missed worshipping collectively on this trip and soaked in every bit of it. Afterwards, I expressed thankfulness to the choir minister and he kindly allowed me to take photos in the chapel.DSC_4181 3

DSC_4184 4It was a full day in Cambridge and I was glad to get back to an apartment with a tub. It was time for a soak with Epsom salts. So much walking! And we walked much more throughout our stay in Cambridge. We saw many bridges over the river Cam, but I still don’t know which one inspired the name of the town.DSC_4393 2

I did find out that in 1209, Cambridge University was founded by some students that had fled from Oxford, and the city is made of many colleges. We weren’t allowed in the colleges because it was finals week. But we sure did see a lot of activity. People scurrying everywhere on foot, in cars and especially on bikes. Lots of bicycles!DSC_4400 2

It took me awhile to warm up to Cambridge. I keep expecting England to be countryside with small towns. My first introduction was London and now the city of Cambridge. But I did come to enjoy it for its many styles of buildings, its bustling people, its free art museums and the glorious Evensong. Yes, I do have fond memories of Cambridge, UK.

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DSC_4388 2

Me at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Me at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

DSC_4313 2

DSC_4380 3

Matt happy that he found a geocache.

Matt happy that he found a geocache.

DSC_4373 2

DSC_4306 2

DSC_4295 2

DSC_4202 2

DSC_4177 2

DSC_4123 2

DSC_4152 3

DSC_4025 2

DSC_4384 2DSC_4135 2

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  3. I love keeping up with your adventures Janine. You definitely caught the essence of Cambridge with your gorgeous piccies.

    • It’s so fun to think of you keeping up with the blog, Laura! I haven’t had time to paint, but I am enjoying the photography. So many wonderful subjects!!!

  4. Janine, That cathedral that you were in was just gorgeous. I’m enjoying your pictures and how you are letting us join you on your journey. 🙂

  5. What a joy to read your blogs. Reading them gives me a wonderful, inspiring break! You guys are such a lovely couple. God bless you and keep you safe.

  6. Thank you for some wonderful reminders of Cambridge. I’ve spent several days there, on and off while my husband was at conferences, and it’s a lovely place. I recognise so many of those places!

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