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Lately, I’ve decided that I need more color in my life!  I’ve always taken a fairly conservative approach to color in decorating. But my daughter-in-law, Karlin, has used bright colors in a marvelous way to decorate. I love what she has done in her house and so I took a plunge into the color world.

One room in the house was begging to be spruced up. It had always been a boy’s room which is not surprising since we have three sons. But boys have grown and are not in that room anymore. Did I really need to keep a boring dark brown comforter on the bed and a desk in the corner for doing homework. It think not! This could become a room that I could enjoy viewing each time I walked to my bedroom and one that could be a cheerful guest room. But where to start?

You may be thinking that this would be a no brainer for me since I enjoy being creative. If you think about it, however, I tend to focus on making small things: jewelry, doilies, art journal pages, handbags. Large projects still seem unapproachable. In fact, over a year ago, I had purchased a large canvas to make myself branch out a bit. But that 24×36 inch canvas sat unwrapped in my studio. It stared at me each time I went in there.  It mocked me. I came to affectionately refer to it as the Big, Scary Canvas and tried to ignore it. So, when it came to redecorating a room, I froze for a bit. Then I decided to roam around TJMaxx/Home Goods.

Now that store is one to get the creative juices flowing! I really didn’t want to spend much money on this project, so I was thrilled when I found a spread for $30 that I liked.DSC_6909 2

That spread would be the basis for the decorating! I got a few other things: a lamp, bedside table and a few pillows. Soon, I had the room looking spiffy. It was so cheerful and happy that it made me want to tackle the Big, Scary Canvas. My thinking was to just throw some paint onto the background and then go from there.

My intent all along was to cover it with flowers. Blue skies in paintings have become a bit boring to me. So, why not make a yellow sky? Trying to use colors from my paint stash that would match the spread, I took a wide brush, blew caution in to the wind and slathered paint on that intimidating thing!20140613_201545 3

Huh! I liked the background! It was tempting to just hang it as it was. After all, I’ve seen artwork like that in hotel rooms and doctor offices. When I posted a photo of the background on facebook, my sweet friends got excited over the background too. Several, including my hubby and son, said it looked like a sunset over a pond. That would make a lovely painting. One person even suggested lily pads and frogs. I’ll admit that for a bit I was rethinking my original plan. Flowers kept calling out to me, so on I went.DSC_6845

At first I drew my flowers. I was conflicted between the desire to just paint without planning and to carefully draw out each detail. So, the first three flowers were drawn first in pencil.DSC_6853 2

Soon I tired of drawing. I wonder what would happen if I just painted? A flower explosion, that’s what!DSC_6863 2

A lady bug still needs to be added to the painting and I should sign it, but I couldn’t wait to hang it in the new, improved room.DSC_6866 3 4

Now, I’m really happy with the room! But creativity does seem to spawn more creativity. Even though I loved the little church painting that I bought from a talented artist at a local craft show, it was too small for the space I had placed it. There were beautiful mirrors that I had contemplated purchasing for the room, but I wondered if I could get one to decorate. Off to ACMoore! And there I found a large mirror with a frame of unfinished wood. Now for more color.DSC_6875

This lovely color is called Ripe Tomato. Hmmm, it looked sort of pinkish orange but I suppose it is hard to come up with names for paint. It also seems difficult to photograph the color correctly. In fact, all the colors in that room tend to confuse my camera. So, I’ve edited and corrected, but the real colors look even better! I added a light green with a stamp and then distressed it so it looked more antique.DSC_6878 3

Laser cut wood items at Michaels slipped into my basket even though I didn’t know what I would do with them. They almost jumped onto the mirror frame. DSC_6886 2

Finally, I wanted to add words to the mirror. What a perfect time to contemplate and get our thinking straight when gazing in a mirror. DSC_6896 3 DSC_6893 3

I found out that photographing a mirror is pretty challenging. Where could I put it to take a shot with a beautiful reflection? My garden!DSC_6899 2

Finally, I hung it in the pretty, fresh room.DSC_6904 3

I’m now wishing that I had done this decorating in my bedroom! My sweet hubby said that I’ll just have to do that one next. Only problem is that I used all my favorite colors in the guest room. But being the fixer that he is, he had a solution to that one too. “Just pick new favorite colors!” Sounds good to me!Handpainted Mirror with Inspirational Words.

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27 thoughts on “More Color in My Life

  1. I love color…if I had my way…my whole house would be painted in a rainbow of color. Each wall a different color…the trim another color…doors would be trimmed in three colors. The flower painting you did is right up my alley.

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  3. You are an inspiration, Janine. For those of us who are not so artistic, this is almost like taking a class from you! God bless

    • Thanks, Ligia! It is wonderful to think that I am inspiring others to be creative too. I think everyone has creativity inside them since they are made by the Creator. Hope you have a lovely day!

  4. The room looks great, especially with your painting and mirror! I have found the older I have gotten the more bright colors I like. (It all started with my car!) I’m not sure why that is the case, but it certainly is for me!

  5. I love what you did with the room Janine! How satisfying it must have been for you to see the outcome after all your hard work!
    I so enjoyed seeing your posts of your trip to England, I am heading to the UK late next week so I found all your gorgeous photos very inspiring! Have you settled back in to real life yet? I imagine having that great creative project helped you to do so.

    • Thanks for enjoying the blog, Wendy! I still have about four more blog posts to write about England. But I just had to take a break and write about the fun I was having painting. The project really has helped me adjust back to normal life. It’s really interesting that you knew that! I hope you have a great trip!

  6. It looks like you found a creative and inexpensive way to change the look of a bedroom. I like what you did and your painting and artwork are certainly cheerful and fun to look at! I really like all of the flowers and the colors.

  7. This was the first time I noticed the lamp shade. It’s very colorful, too. Your painting is a great success and the mirror is so very unique. You’ve managed a wonderful transformation in this room. Now on to yours.

    • Thanks, Mom! I’m trying to think how to transform the master bedroom without buying a new king sized spread. Not sure how to do that without the pretty spread to inspire!

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