Easy Family Letter Craft

Lately, I’ve noticed an abundance of large paper mache letters in the craft stores. I had been thinking that I would like some things on the wall that didn’t have right angles so I decided to buy a big B. In fact, it’s two feet tall!DSC_6937 2

Since I’ve been working on that guest room, I decided that the B would go in there. I mulled it over a bit trying to figure out if it should be bright and bold or subtle, if indeed a letter that large could pull that off! The sheer size of it convinced me that I should go with a neutral color.DSC_7178 2

Off to Walmart to buy more of the ivory color paint since I ran out. Of course, they didn’t have the same paint, but I thought maybe a shade more yellowish would look good anyway.DSC_7176 2

This big B, for Broscious of course, was to be a celebration of our family. I wanted all our names on it. At first I considered buying stick on letters or stamping the names. I even looked at wood letters. In the end, after some practice on paper, I handpainted everyone’s names in brown.DSC_7182 2

So far, so good! I liked it. But it needed more. Out came my stamps.DSC_7348 5

The trick is knowing when to stop stamping. Sure do love butterflies!DSC_7183 2

I had read about making stamps from a styrofoam tray like meat comes on. Just draw your design and press down the places you don’t want to stamp. I tried it and had to laugh. Backwards letters! I did use one of the hearts by each family member though.DSC_7186 2

More stamping and more mess on the kitchen table. I was starting to really enjoy this project!DSC_7187 2

Periodically, I would set it in the bedroom. Some projects just come quickly, but this one needed some pondering. It still lacked and I gazed and pondered some more.DSC_7194 2

Maybe it did need more color!DSC_7195 2

Out came the pumpkin colored paint for the sides.DSC_7333 2

A brown edge to make it stand out more.DSC_7337 2

And antiquing medium to give it a weathered look. Finally, a couple coats of satin finish.DSC_7335 2

And it’s done! Well, done until we are blessed with another Broscious and then the paint will come out again!Easy Family Letter Project

What a fun project. And so easy! Everytime I see this B, I will smile and celebrate our family.

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11 thoughts on “Easy Family Letter Craft

  1. Janine,
    This project turned out very nice and you did a great job on it. When I first saw the picture of the big “B”,I immediately thought of doing “decoupage” on it. Family photos, small sized “copies” of the children’s childhood artworks, bits of decorative wrapping paper…. all of that could be included on it. Your “B” looks very nice and I like the neutral colors that you used. You are so creative!!

    • I thought about putting family photos on it too. And I may still do a project like that. But somehow, this one asked to be done more simply. Love your ideas, Colleen!

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