To See What We Can See

After visiting with our son and his family for two weeks, we are on the road again. The song, “The Bear Went Over the Mountain,” kept going through my head. Just the part, “to see what he could see.” We’ve never seen Wisconsin, so off we go. I actually have gotten so I enjoy driving the rig while Matt works in the passenger seat. Here is where I parked with the big rigs at a rest area. We sort of fit in, don’t you think?20140902_120304 2 I liked this sign at the rest area. My driving limit seems to be about 6-8 hours. I can’t imagine driving for 11.20140902_120544 2 We have arrived at our first place in Wisconsin, Sky High Camping Resort. Here is my view from our campsite. I’ve been doing laundry and catching up on emails.20140902_160955 2 And while at the laundromat, I met a fascinating woman, Ida Gannon. She was so friendly and said I should come to her site to visit her. Then she mentioned that she was an artist. That was it! I was absolutely going to stop by! As I approached, I heard a drilling sound.DSC_7929 First she draws her beautiful designs on the gourds. Then she does wood burning. But today she was cutting out portions of the design.DSC_7930 2 Ida, who is in her 70’s and is a widow, ┬ásays she loves to stay busy. But sometimes, she works so long that her hands get completely numb. She was glad I stopped by and gave her an opportunity to rest.DSC_7932 As I admired her beautiful art, I heard a tiny crunching sound. I kept looking behind me and finally Ida said, “It’s a little red squirrel.” I moved slowly hoping to get a photo. He was quite tame and just kept eating.DSC_7944 3 There always seems to be fun experiences to be had while camping, even on the days when I have to stay at the campsite. Right now new neighbors are setting up, Mike and Janey. They are pulling a toy hauler that carries their motorcycles. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a motorcycle ride!

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