Pictured Rocks in Michigan

Rocks definitely seem to be the theme of our trip this time. I have never been to so many places that were this interesting geologically. Our next stop was Munising, Michigan. But first I needed to drive the rig again. It works out so well for me to drive and Matt to work in the passenger seat. A few years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible. But with a mobile hotspot and cell phone coverage, he is good to go! Sometimes, I freak out a bit when I look at the size of the rig and think, “I drive THAT?!” It’s amazing how easily it drives though. Just take wide turns, brake slowly and take your time.Our rig

I’ve been amused by the different road crossing signs we’ve seen here. This combination kept me busy watching for awhile.snowmobile crossing

Matt says I’m usually right about things. But I should have listened to him on this occasion. We were eager to see the Pictured Rocks and I wanted to go on a sunset cruise for good lighting. I decided that we should go the evening of our arrival. The sun was shining, a bit, and I was eager. Sure, the forecast was for more sun the next evening, but I declared we should go. We bundled up, but it was still cold up on the top of the tour boat in CLOUDY 45 degree weather. This was one time that I wished I had my winter coat with me! I was glad for wool socks.On the Pictured Rocks tour

We passed a pretty little lighthouse on Grand Island. I snapped a quick photo as the tour guide declared that one of the lightkeepers raised 7 children in that small house. I dreamed of what that would be like, on an island, in cold weather.Grand Island East Channel Light, Munising, Michigan

Soon we were coasting along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The lighting was not good for photography since it was completely cloudy. But here are some that I took.Pictured Rocks, Michigan

Water sculpts the soft sandstone through time.Pictured Rocks, Michigan

It is said that this one was frightening to the Indians as they thought it looked like the profile of a chief. Pictured Rocks, Michigan

We were surprised as they took the tour boat into a tiny cove. It really didn’t look like we would fit!Pictured Rocks, Michigan Pictured Rocks, Michigan

Trees were growing in interesting places.Pictured Rocks, Michigan Pictured Rocks, Michigan

Minerals seeping through the rock caused fascinating colors! Once again, I was amazed and awed by God’s creativity and beauty!Pictured Rocks, Michigan. Colors caused by minerals

The next day in Munising was a bright sunny one! Thankfully, there is a lot to do in the area. First on Matt’s list was to find a place to purchase a yooper delicacy that we had been told about, a pasty.Muldoon'sOde to da Pasty

Muldoon’s was a fun place and had friendly people too! Matt bought two pasties to heat up back at the camper. He said they reminded him of chicken pot pies that he had as a kid. Quite delicious.Muldoon's pasty

Off we went to find more beauty. Here is a waterfall with a lovely sandstone cave.Memorial Falls, Munising, Michigan Memorial Falls, Munising, Michigan

We drove along the lakeshore and stopped at various overlooks. See how nice and sunny it is?!Pictured Rocks

A beautiful lighthouse, Au Sable Light Station, was on my list to see. The park service has kept this lighthouse furnished and as remote as it was in 1910. One must walk 1.5 miles one way to visit the lighthouse, but it is worth it! We got there just in time for the last tour of the day and our guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Of all my lighthouse tours, I think this was the most entertaining. Volunteers are sought to stay in the lighthouse and operate the museum. That sounds like fun!Au Sable Lighthouse, Michigan

Shipwrecks lined the shore by the lighthouse and some were even right on the beach. Tours are given in glass bottomed boats to see the many wrecks. But I just couldn’t go. Shipwrecks just make me sad.Shipwreck near Au Sable Lighthouse

Finally, we had to hunt for agates. We were no longer in the best area along Lake Superior, but I wanted to try. We met another couple as they looked for the elusive stone. Merritt and Susan wandered the stone covered beach with us for quite awhile. The men were intent on agates, but Susan and I just couldn’t resist all the lovely stones. Such treasures! She even tried to talk me into taking a class on geology as she had. “It changed my life!” she said. Susan found pleasure in knowing how all these different rocks were formed.Susan and Merritt

We got his and her pics of us looking for agates!Rock hunting along Lake Superior Rock hunting along Lake Superior

And here is our haul. We do think we found a tiny piece of agate. And a few more pretties! rock treasures

Michigan is a beautiful rock treasure!

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