Never Bored

Recently, while chatting with a fellow artist, she said, “With all the fun things out there to create, how do people get bored?” I totally agree! There is never enough time in the day to create all the things I want to make. I’ve been enjoying several different creative avenues lately.

I met Caroline from Eagles Nest Woolens during Oktoberfest at the Schifferstadt Museum in Frederick, MD and  I admired her beautiful rugs and watched her as she hooked a rug. I’ve always been interested in rug hooking and she had a small kit for sale. I just HAD to try it!DSC_9649 3

It did take me a bit to get the hang of pulling the stips of wool fabric through the backing cloth, but as I continued, it got easier and easier. I finished hooking the design and steamed it. Now I just need to figure out how to finish off my pumpkin rug mat.DSC_9706 2

When I wasn’t rug hooking, I was finishing a doily. I almost always have one in the making. This one is special because it reminds me of my doily making beginnings. After teaching myself how to crochet, I made afghans and pot holders. Then, while at a star party with my hubby, I saw a woman sitting outside her camper creating something beautiful. I thought she must have been tatting but she explained that it was crochet but with thread. Anne was working from a book of designs from nature.DSC_9724 3

Of course, I ran right out and bought thread, a smaller hook and the book! Well, okay, several doily books. And I ended up making LOTS of doilies but for some reason none from that book. Finally, I have completed the butterfly doily from Anne’s book. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Can you see the profiles of butterflies?DSC_9696 2

Of course, I always have my camera handy and every year I make a calendar. It takes quite some time to choose the photos and edit them for the calendar. But I got it done! And they are available for purchase here: 2015 Calendars. These high quality wall calendars feature photos from our trip to England and Bible verses. I hope you enjoy them!DSC_9657 3

This time of year I always have jewelry projects. I was kept quite busy getting ready for a show. Here is one pendant that sold just hours after I posted it. Abalone is so beautiful.DSC_9548 5

Creating with Sterling Silver wire is one of my favorite things to do. Add my favorite stone, Labradorite, and how could I not love it? This labradorite pendant is still available!DSC_9670 4

Swirls and turquoise are an unbeatable combo too! This turquoise pendant is here on my website.DSC_9684 6

So, yes, I’ve kept myself contently occupied creating! No boredom here! I’m always happy to see another sunrise and create during another day. What keeps you contentedly occupied?DSC_9667 2

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18 thoughts on “Never Bored

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  2. There you go again. I love to crochet…but don’t have the patience for doilies. I’ve crocheted many a friendship afgan for friends battling cancer…different colored crayons that represent each of her friends to wrap her a blanket of warmth. Reading…sudoko…zigsaw puzzles…and watching movies are relaxing for me.

  3. I am never bored. Too much to do each day. As far as creative goes, does getting ideas (like making pig noses) for my co-op class (preK-K) count as creative? That’s about as good as it gets these days. Again no time. But one day….

      • Well, I used to do embroidery. Oh so long ago! All my creative endeavors seemed to stop after having that third child. I thought I would pick it back up especially in between Josh and Jonah but it never happened. Life has just been so busy. So, I think I would like to get back to that. There were other things but, that’s what I really miss doing.

        • Embroidery is wonderful. So rewarding to see the design come alive! I’d love to see some of the pieces you did in the past. And you can always start with something really small to get going again!

          • I don’t think I have any pictures. I always bought a kit, never tried my own design but I did a few little things and a few big things. My favorite project was a tablecloth for my mom and one for my sister. They do still have them and use them occasionally 🙂 I like needlepoint too. I guess, because I never learned to sew I gravitated to these types of projects. Easier!

  4. I so agree Janine! As you may recall, we retired in April and naturally we sometimes get asked the inevitable question ‘what do you do all day?’ To which I respond, ‘whatever we want!’ I truly don’t understand how people get bored. There’s so much to see and do in this beautiful world of ours. I do suppose, however, that some people need structure, and admittedly, not everyone is creative or cares about their surroundings.

    Your crochet projects are amazing and so detailed. I did crochet in high school and started a blanket which I never finished. That and knitting are two mediums I just never got the hang of. That’s ok though…I have enough to do!

    • It’s wonderful that there are so many different creative outlets! I know you are an amazing home decorator and that is one thing I need help with! Thank you so much for commenting!

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