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Are you ready for some gorgeous green scenery?! I still haven’t written about the place I loved the most in England, the Lake District. This is a tough one to write because I have too many beautiful photos of the area and want to include them all. Ever since I saw the movie, Miss Potter, I ached to go to the Lake District. The movie was great, but the extra content showed that Beatrix Potter bought lots of land and then turned it over to the National Trust so that it would stay untouched and available to all. The video showed lovely rolling hills, lakes and quaint villages. I thought I’d never get there. But, you know, we just don’t have a clue what God has in store for us! I’m still amazed that I was able to go to this wonderful piece of God’s creation! Since Beatrix Potter was my inspiration for going to the area, I wanted to view her home in Near Sawrey. Would I find the area as lovely as I anticipated? Would Beatrix’s home town be as inspiring to me as it was to her? I just had to go and find out!

Of course, I looked for the best B&B in the area and was able to get a room! Buckle Yeat Guest House

Buckle Yeat Guest House was amazing! This 17th century cottage is right next to Beatrix Potter’s house and is warm and cozy with a fire blazing in the fireplace. The hosts, Robert and Helen Kirby are friendly and knowledgeable. We had such a lovely time visiting with them.Robert and Helen Kirby of Buckle Yeat Guest House

Just look at this beautiful breakfast! And it tasted as good as it looked. We were actually eating the same bacon that the Queen of England enjoys. Not many places can brag of that. Breakfast at Buckle Yeat

But as magical as Buckle Yeat is, I just had to explore some more. First on the list was the home of Beatrix Potter. As an artist myself, I have been fascinated by her art with her endearing clothed animals. Somehow, Beatrix captured realistic features of the animals and yet gave each character human qualities too. Beatrix was more than just an author of children’s books. She studied nature and wrote scholarly articles with detailed illustrations. I own a large book filled with her art. It was thrilling to see the home and countryside that inspired such creativity. Hilltop, her home, was right behind our B&B.Beatrix Potter's Hilltop

We were not allowed to take photos in her home, which was a bit disappointing since that is a way that I enjoy things. But I still have pictures in my mind of the simple perfection of the place. After growing up in London, Beatrix was ready for the simplicity of the country. Her home and village were quiet inspirations to her. In fact, as you wander through her home, Hilltop, books from her Peter Rabbit series were scattered about. Each was open to a page and upon inspection, it was evident that the drawing on the page included something from the room. One book had an animal cooking at the stove from Hilltop. Another illustration included the bannister from her stairs. It was fascinating to see! I have often heard that a good writer is one that writes from personal experience. Well, I was beginning to think that lovely art is from experience too. Miss Potter’s book, The Tale of Samuel Whiskers, includes a page that shows a path winding up a hill. A page from The Tale of Samuel Whiskers

As I looked out the window of her home, I could see that same windy path.Near Sawrey

Even though, I couldn’t take photos, I found this painting in Buckle Yeat that showed Beatrix’s kitchen. I wish I knew the artist so I could give credit where it is due!A painting of the kitchen in Hilltop

I so enjoyed my visit to Hilltop. And found a treasure in the gift shop, a book called, “Walking with Beatrix Potter”. Book of walks with Beatrix Potter

Exploring the area was just what I wanted to do and what better way than to take walks that Beatrix Potter would have taken? This little gem was full of maps and instructions for taking the public footpaths near her home. She often would walk, ponder, draw and write. It seemed right to take walk number one, a 3 mile walk named “Beatrix Potter’s Heartland”. We followed instructions from the book such as, “Go through a kissing gate” and “In a short distance go through a gate, reaching a permissive path, which soon becomes a boardwalk over muddy ground.” The permissive path

It WAS muddy. And it was good we had the written instructions as well as the drawn maps. Matt found a geocache near a lovely lake, or as they call it, tarn. This was at Moss Eccles Tarn.Geocache at Moss Eccles Tarn

Here are some of the lovely views we had on walk #1.DSC_5591 2 DSC_5613 2 DSC_5623 2 DSC_5620 2 DSC_5655 2 DSC_5661 2 DSC_5665 2 DSC_5673 2 DSC_5681 2

We had had a full day and needed dinner. What better place than the pub right next to Hilltop and Buckle Yeat?Tower Bank Arms

Tower Bank Arms is featured in Beatrix Potter’s book, The Tales Of Jemima Puddleduck. Even though it was chilly outside, this busy pub was cozy with it’s blazing fire. Fireplace at the Tower Bank Arms

We enjoyed the scrumptious food and made friends too! Paul, Sarah and baby Emily sat at the table next to us by the fire and excitedly told us of their holiday plans. They were knowledgeable of the area and suggested many places to hike.Our English friends

What an amazing day! I was glad to have such a wonderful place to sleep that night. Buckle Yeat was all I dreamed of for a B&B in England, quaint and yet comfortable. We sat by the fire in the lounge and planned and dreamed our next day in the Lake District. Sleep was sweet in the Lake District!

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  1. The feelings you must have felt. reminds me of how I would feel exploring places of one of my favorite movies…Somewhere in Time…to stay at the Grand Hotel…stand at the tree where Richard and Elyse first met…and visit the lighthouse they visited.

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