One Day in Scotland

Once you’ve driven all over England and you’re in the northern area, does it make sense to drive all the way back down to London to catch a plane for home? We didn’t think so either! So, we drove up to Scotland in order to take off from Edinburgh airport. I thought this was amusing to see right before we crossed into Scotland.Last Cafe

I just had to get our photos by some signs proving we were in Scotland.DSC_6183 DSC_6182 3

Another decision to make was whether to spend our Scotland day in the city of Edinburgh or a bit away in a smaller town. Matt and I really are not city folks so we opted for staying in the town of Peebles. I must admit that I just loved the name and had fun saying it!Peebles

We stayed in the Tontine Hotel right on the main street. This fascinating place was built in 1806 by French prisoners of war. For some reason, they decided to put us on the top floor. And, yep, no elevator. I was pretty stairs weary.Tontine Hotel

The dining room was just lovely and the food delicious!Dining room at Tontine Hotel

After a good night’s sleep, we were ready for one day of adventure in Scotland. It’s hard to choose what to do when you only have one day. So, we, of course, fit in some geocaching and then went on the visit Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott. While in high school, I read Ivanhoe which was written by Sir Walter Scott and thought it would be interesting to learn more about him.Abbotsford

Well, I learned that he decided to build a beautiful castle for himself! I thought his home looked more castle-like then some ancient castles we’ve seen. I also learned that he was a bit eccentric. Scott’s home is full of collections.Abbotsford

This case included a cross from Bloody Mary.Abbotsford

He had a huge library.Abbotsford

There was a lot of carved wood. Abbotsford

And hand painted wallpaper.Abbotsford

Such a gorgeous place!Abbotsford

After a day at Abbotsford, we went to bed early. We would be taking off from Edinburgh in the morning to make our way back to the USA. The next morning at 3 am, as I crept back down the steps through a quiet hotel, I suddenly heard a man say, “Crikey, you’re tall!” I was amused that the last words spoken to me by a Scottish person was about my height. I asked the night watchman about his height and he was only 5’3″. I guess I sort of startled him sneaking down the steps! It still makes me laugh as I think of this ending to our time in Europe. But, you know me. I’ll keep snapping pictures as I go through the adventure of life with my prince. You’ll hear of more soon!Always snapping photos!

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One Night as a Princess: England 7

I am feeling the need to finish up writing about our experiences in England. It looks like we may be heading back for more adventures in Italy soon! So, before my memory gets cloudy, I must finish up our last trip.

As we were planning for our time in England, I dreamed of seeing castles. I wondered which ones we could fit in seeing and looked them up online. Soon, I learned that you could actually stay overnight in some castles! Of course, I thought this would be an amazing experience and set about talking Matt into one night in a castle. He could see my mind was set on being a princess for one night, so we made our reservations. Up to this point, we had stayed at some amazing B&Bs in England, but now we were off to be royalty!

First, on our way we would be passing a historic site that Matt wanted to see: Hadrian’s Wall. I hate to admit that I didn’t remember what exactly this was. But we stopped and enjoyed walking on this ancient wall that was built to separate the Roman empire from the barbarians on the other side. This 120 mile long wall was built in AD 122 and yet in some areas you can still walk on it. The wall snaked its way across the landscape as far as I could see.Hadrian's Wall

We enjoyed the museum at Housesteads Roman Fort. They speculate that the flooring was built upon the posts in the photo and steam was pumped under the floor for heat.Houseteads Roman Fort

This part of the wall is set high on a ridge and you can look down into the barbarian land below. We found some geocaches near the wall and then headed to our royal lodging.Gate on Hadrian's Wall

As a prince and princess, I had determined that we needed to stay in the castle proper, not an out building so we had a room reserved in Langley Castle.Langley Castle

And for some reason, while making reservations, I had decided that staying in the tower would be just the thing. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?! We told some people as we traveled around England that we would be staying in a castle and they thought that was awesome. But when I mentioned the tower, every one of them said, “Well, I hope you get back out!” I guess the tower is not known as a good place! We arrived at the castle as weary travelers. We had been away from home for weeks and needed rest. I pictured the lush bed in our castle and was eager for a romantic, relaxing evening. I was not prepared for 101 steps to get to that bed! Sure, it makes sense that a castle might not have an elevator. But I hadn’t thought of that. I just had to laugh at myself as I lugged my bags up those steps.Castle steps

Of course, dinner was back down all those steps in the dining room.The castle dining room

I enjoyed wandering around the beautiful castle.DSC_6136 DSC_6165

Then back up the 101 steps to finally rest in that bed. But this princess was not able to enjoy her night in the castle. Due to my diet restrictions, I was sick that night. I might as well have been in a tent on the ground for as much as I enjoyed my night. This was no fault of the castle or their chef. My diet is hard to figure out and they tried their best. But this night was not what I had pictured. As I’ve said in the past, the problem with traveling is that you have to take yourself with you. No matter where I go, I still bring all my problems with me. Of course, all the princesses in towers in the past had problems too and I’ll bet they didn’t sleep well either. I was just glad to have my prince with me to comfort me and help me back down the steps in the morning. It was our last night in England and we still had some miles to travel…. with my problems in tow. I decided I’m not really princess material anyway!The tower room

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