Great Smoky Mountains

I just realized that I never wrote about our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was so beautiful! And smoky. I tried and tried to get a nice photo that showed the layer upon layer effect of the mountains. I was rewarded with some success, but not exactly what I wanted. We may have to go again sometime! 4-DSC_2649 2 3-DSC_2657 2 2-DSC_2468 2 1-DSC_2879 2 1-DSC_2866 1-DSC_2726 1-DSC_2693 2 1-DSC_2690 9 1-DSC_2669 1-DSC_2640 2 1-DSC_2492 1-DSC_2472 1-DSC_2468 1-DSC_2445 1-DSC_2437 21-DSC_2760 2Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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14 thoughts on “Great Smoky Mountains

  1. Hi Janine,
    I really like you pictures, but I especially like the one of you and Matt by the waterfall. I like Matt’s humor, too….standing by the sign for Bunches Bald Overlook. Lol It looks like you have a great vacation. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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