Italy 2015 #5: Romantic Verona On My Own

Leaving Florence was not easy, but Matt had more work to be done in other parts of Italy. We were heading to the northeastern part of the country. In my quest of staying in new places, I booked a room in a hotel in Pordenone. I didn’t have very high expectations for this town for some reason, but I am constantly surprised by the variety, uniqueness and beauty of each new place. Pordenone www.joyfulwonder.comEven though it was raining, people busily filled the streets to shop at the open air market.Pordenone www.joyfulwonder.comI was grateful for my new friend, Linda, to spend the evening with since Matt and Scott had to go to work.01-DSC_4547 2The next stop was Verona. What a beautiful town!Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comOur hotel was down this alleyway.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comOur room was painted with sweet birds.Verona, Italy

Verona is known for having the third largest Roman amphitheater.Verona, Italy

We went inside and walked around, but I was experiencing really bad vertigo for some reason. Not sure why, but I kept feeling like I would fall down the steps. They were setting up for an opera that would be performed there that evening.I’m always amazed at how the Italians keep using ancient buildings that we in the USA would not let people get near.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comI was so glad when I got back to terra firma! We went to an art exhibit and the exit signs took us out on a roof. As we followed the signs, we could not get any doors open. Leave it to us to get stuck out on a roof, all by ourselves in a different country! We had to pound on the door we had exited through for quite awhile before anyone came to let us in. I said to Matt that I was started to get worried, and he said, “It’s not time to panic yet.” I said, “Well, be sure to let me know when I should start!” At least the view was great.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comOnce safely off the roof, we decided to rest a bit before dinner. What a beautiful surprise of how Verona looked at night!Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comThere were old cars set up in the Piazza.05-DSC_4654 3The people milling about were dressed in their finest as they were waiting to go to the opera in the arena. This was our view as we ate dinner outside in the Piazza next to the arena. I was hoping we would hear the opera, but all we could hear was applause periodically. There had to be some amazing acoustics in there.06-DSC_4661 3We walked to the bridge next to the castle in Verona to see what it looked like at nighttime. So lovely!Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comThe next day, Matt would be working and I would be on my own in Verona. There was much more yet to see and I decided to be adventurous on my own. So many lovely boutiques! I was tempted by this brightly colored fur.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comAnd these lovely accessories.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comVerona is known as the city where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet takes place. Even though it is fiction, a house in the city is known as Casa di Giuletta, or Juliet’s house. To get to it, you must walk through an archway that is covered in graffiti of hearts and names.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comIn the courtyard, you can gaze at a balcony that looks as if Juliet could appear at any moment. There is also a statue of Juliet down below that people took turns taking photos by.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comThere was much more to see in Verona, so I kept walking. Soon I crossed the Ponte Di Pietra bridge and looked back for this pic.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comOn this side of the river, there is a Roman theater. It was closed, but I saw folks heading up a staircase. Maybe there was something up there? I followed but soon wondered of the sanity of the idea. So many steps! There was another castle at the top and a great view of the city.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comI counted the steps on the way back down: 231. I was certainly getting exercise. As I crossed the bridge to return to the hotel, I passed these young students. Their teacher was lecturing about the bridge as they drew in their books. I wished I was doing the same!Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comWalking towards the hotel, I noticed a bookstore. I have fallen in love with Italian cooking. Would they have a cookbook of authentic recipes? ….in English? I was tempted to buy one that was written in Italian and just keep translating as I cooked.Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comI resisted. I’ll have to check it out on Amazon for a cookbook. We had amazing rice in red sauce in Verona. I’d love to make some and pretend I was back in that magical city.Verona, Italy Verona, Italy Verona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comVerona, Italy www.joyfuwonder.comCheck out the other Italy 2015 posts! #1, #2, #3, #4

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  2. I am finally getting to look at your wonderful blog days/weeks after you traveled to the lovely places. Wow-Ron or I need to get a new job so we can too work and travel to gorgeous sites! Thank you for sharing-I love the photos and the comments. Really love that statue that Matt discovered of the guy on his cell phone!! Ha! Amazing they had to deal with that way back when…
    Look forward to seeing you whenever/if ever you come back home.

  3. Magical is a great descriptive word to describe Verona. Beautiful architecture everywhere you look. Thanks for your photo story of it. Hope you find many more treasures in Italy, to keep tucked away in your mind and heart before heading for home. I think you’ve definitely caught the travel bug.

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