Binding a Hooked Rug with Wool Strips

I love rug hooking and the technique to hook a rug is really quite simple. You just pull loops up through a backing fabric. But when it comes to finishing the rug, I’ve been quite baffled. There are many different methods of binding a handmade rug. The one that appealed most to me was whipping the edges with wool yarn. I found it challenging, however, to find yarn that was good enough quality and a color that I would like to use. A yarn store about an hour away from me had a great selection and I thought I had a solution, but then they closed down. I decided that I would give binding with wool fabric a try and I love it! This is what it looks like:Binding a Hooked Rug with Wool Strips

Here is a video explaining how I do it.

I’d love to hear if you try it and how it goes!

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6 thoughts on “Binding a Hooked Rug with Wool Strips

  1. Oh, Janine, you are SO clever! What beautiful rugs you have made. It makes me want to rush off and buy all the materials to make my own! But alas, I have so many other creative things that must take precedence for now, so I will just enjoy yours vicariously. I loved watching your Youtube clip – you are so articulate and did a great job of it – as did your husband behind the camera!
    Loved your bracelets too!

    • Thanks, Wendy! We did have fun making the video. And we hope to make more. I have a feeling you would love rug hooking, but I do understand about other creative endeavors calling your name. I was wondering if anyone would notice my bracelet!

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