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Oh my, the Badlands are such a gorgeous place! I know I shared some photos in my last post from there, but I just had to share some that we took yesterday. We drove the whole Badlands loop and hiked all over. Plus, we saw some animals. We thought the prairie dogs were cute, but then we saw a sign that said they carry the plague! So, we decided they weren’t that cute after all. It was amazing to camp right there amidst the Badlands formations and I was a bit sad to leave. But today we drove to the Black Hills and will be staying there a few days. Hopefully, the rain will stop so we can see Mt Rushmore. I can’t wait to find out what inspires someone to carve president’s faces on a mountain. Well, here are more photos I took at the Badlands in South Dakota!

Badlands, SD Photo by Janine Broscious DSC_8335 DSC_8345 DSC_8347 DSC_8350 a DSC_8351 DSC_8366 DSC_8385 DSC_8401 2-001 DSC_8405 DSC_8420 3 DSC_8427 DSC_8432 DSC_8435 DSC_8458 DSC_8461 DSC_8465

Hope you enjoyed the pics! I love hearing from you! I’ll let you know what adventures we have at our next stop!

Matt and I at the Badlands, SD

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  4. Wow!! Your new pictures are just beautiful, ,,,, feels like I am there,,,, you are a great photographer, ,,,, and your husband, too,,,,,
    Enjoy ur blogs,,, thanks,,,,

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