Devils Tower and On

Seems each place we’ve been to, I fall in love with the area and don’t want to leave. But people kept saying that we needed to see Devils Tower and we still needed a geocache in Wyoming. First, even though we didn’t go to the Crazy Horse exhibit, we could see it from the road. Still lots of work to be done there

.Crazy Horse Photo by Janine Broscious

Then it was on to Wyoming. The rest area had great exhibits and a geocache.

Photo by Janine Broscious

We arrived at the Devils Tower KOA and were thrilled with our site! What a view out the back window.

Devils Tower Photo by Janine Broscious

This impressive rock has mystified people through the ages. Indians consider it a sacred place and come there to pray. They say it was a great tree that grew quickly to save seven sisters from an attacking bear. According to the legend, those seven sisters can be seen in the night sky as the Pleiades. Scientists have called it the core of an ancient volcano or an igneous intrusion. Devils Tower, WY Photo by Janine Broscious

All I can say for sure is that it is a part of God’s creation that shows his majesty! Devils Tower WY Photo by Janine Broscious

To think of this beautiful earth we are on as filled with hot, molten rock is disconcerting at times. Especially when looking up at such a massive piece of rock. Look how it dwarfs us.

Devils Tower WY Photo by Janine Broscious

We saw many deer and prairie dogs. DSC_8874 2

DSC_8862 2

Here is the tower in the evening light.

Devils Tower WY Photo by Janine Broscious

Then, Matt caught this shot in the morning light the next day as I drove towards our next stop.

Devils Tower WY Photo by Janine Broscious

Onward to Montana! Yet another state that neither of us had ever been to. A lot of firsts have been happening for us on this trip. I guess it was about time we saw this country!

Photo by Janine Broscious

Here is a photo that Matt shot through the windshield as I drove in Montana. Looks at those mountains covered in snow in June.

Mountains in Montana Photo by Matt Broscious

More Matt and Janine adventures to come!!

Matt and Janine at Devils Tower WY

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9 thoughts on “Devils Tower and On

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  2. So glad you are having so wonderful a trip. Thanks for the great photos. They will be perfect for a “America the Beautiful ” callender. Don’t forget to look for arrow heads. We are going to the WRGN yard sale tomorrow. Cousin Barb Ripic plans to be there.

  3. WOW! Thanks for taking us with you out west! I had forgotten that you kept a blog going of your travels, so this is a real treat to me! Can’t wait to share it all with Ray!

  4. “Disconcerting” is the right word. Especially if you happen to remember it when you’re somewhere with hot springs or fumeroles, which somehow make the hot molten rock seem a bit closer! But then, think of people who live, quite calmly, in the shadow of volcanoes!

    • You are so right! I think Matt and I have something for volcanoes. We went to Mt Etna and then today at Yellowstone we saw the hot springs which are volcanic activity. Hot stuff!!

  5. Thank you so so much janine,,,, what beauty,,, you captured it , for sure,,,, what a trip,,,, thanks for sharing,,,, enjoy ur blogs so much,,,

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