Bumps In The Road

Journal Entry for Friday, December 1, 2017

Well, I was so happy and content two days ago. Lol. But yesterday, we drove to Vidalia, Louisiana and were greeted by a huge mess when we opened the camper. The cabinet above the couch broke all apart, pulled down from the ceiling, doors broke off and fell to the floor and the cabinet contents were strewn everywhere.

The cabinet is destroyed. Now we have to get warranty work done while living in the unit. I knew the time would come when we would have to figure this out. And we both handled it pretty well. We know God will work this out too. Just as He has done SO MANY times in the past. But we have had several things lately, including the hard drive on Matt’s computer frying. He can’t even make 3D printed items. We sent his hard drive to a company hoping they can recover his files. His many important files.

These are just two of the many bumps in the road we have experienced. Frustrating things. Upsetting problems. I know I mostly write about the fun we are having because that is what I like to focus on! But there are always bumps, big obnoxious ones. Not all fun and games here.

I have had to remind myself that no matter how much I may desire it and strive for it, this life will never be perfect, stress free and problem free. NEVER.

There are, however, wonderful moments between the stress points and somehow, I need to truly turn things over to God so that I can enter in to those moments with joy. Rather than stewing and feeling my blood pressure rise. LORD, I am learning, but it’s a struggle! There will always be bumps in the road.

But God is with me through them, working the situation out to be good, giving me wisdom, training me for future bumps and using me somehow for His glory. Do I like the bumps? No, I do not. And I probably never will. Everything in my being longs for beauty and perfection.

I think that means that I am longing for God. Only He will satisfy my longings, my deep desires for love, comfort, peace, purpose and for things to generally be right. That’s why it is so good to have the blessed hope of eternity with Him. Pure, beautiful, good, painless eternity. ETERNITY. I can’t grasp it, really. But it is truth. God’s beautiful truth that sustains me through the bumps in the road.

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9 thoughts on “Bumps In The Road

  1. What a bummer! Sh*t happens and then life goes on. Things happen for a reason, right? If you need a place to stay while repairs are being done I have plenty of room!!

  2. Sometimes the road is all bumps, sometimes they are few and far between. Sometimes I think He is saying, “you know, it would be easier for me to help if you didn’t stew so much!”, to which I reply with Teresa of Avila, “If this is how You treat your friends, no wonder You have so few!”. Then we laugh together..

  3. Hi Janine, We all go through good times and bad times throughout life. God sees is through and we somehow manage to make do. I hope that Matt can recover the files on his computer. All of my files are saved to external hard drives. I started doing that about 6 years ago. I save nothing on my computer. Doing this also helps the computer to run faster. I hope that they’re able to fix your cabinets soon. Happy trails and Merry Christmas!

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog, but this one really hit home with me. We all have bumps in the road. I find that when I hit a bump in the road my immediate reaction is to get upset. But the thing we have to continually remind ourselves is that these bumps are opportunities to rely on God, He always sees us through. I am sorry to hear of your Camper trouble, but I am sure that God will see you through. Looking forward to your next blog.

    • It is so challenging to temper the initial reaction. The sooner I calm down and remember to go to God with things the better. Always learning! Thank you for your comment!

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