I’m so glad you stopped by my blog! Here is where I will talk about the things that are important to me: Jesus, creativity, nature, travel and those I love.

Nature, God’s creation, has always been amazing to me. I grew up in Pennsylvania on a strawberry farm that was surrounded by woods. Often I would escape to my favorite places, by the creek with a tiny waterfall or in a patch of vibrant green moss. Gently, God’s creation would soothe, fill and satisfy.

This is an example of the one-of-a-kind jewelry that I make.

This is an example of the one-of-a-kind jewelry that I make.

Later, I married the love of my life, Matt, and we were blessed with three sons! I spent the next 20 years homeschooling those wonderful boys and learning so much along with them. One of the subjects was art. I always thought that the artistic gene had missed me. So many people in my family are gifted in creativity, but for some reason I wasn’t. Well, God surprised me! While teaching art to the boys, I realized that I enjoyed it immensely. So, I have spent a lot of time creating, especially jewelry. In fact, others appreciated my jewelry too and wanted to buy it. So, I started Gentle Spirit Creations and began selling my one of a kind jewelry.

Me and my Sweetie! Lots of love to you!

Me and my Sweetie! Lots of love to you!

Once my homeschool teaching days were over, my creative soul took wings! I now enjoy photography, painting, drawing, crochet, embroidery and rug hooking, along with whatever new art endeavor comes along! My hubby and I also love traveling with our 5th wheel to new places along with geocaching.

So, I hope you will enjoy this journey with me. I’ll share my new creative projects along with photos of God’s wondrous creations and my thoughts to go along with it. Glad you are along for the ride!!

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  1. “You’ll be amazed at what God has in store for you after your homeschooling days are finished. ”
    I love that positive spin you put on it….I’ve worried about what I’ll do, even though my youngest is only 4 right now. I have a doctoral degree in Brain and Behavior, but can’t imagine working a desk job ever again. My first love has always been art. Now with my artwork, I know I ‘ll always have something to keep me busy and productive!!!

    • I say it that way because He sure surprised me! My after homeschooling life looks nothing like I imagined, but it is beautiful and just what I needed. He knows. And He has great plans for His children. No need to worry!!!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Brave Girls….through your beautiful birdie artwork! I too am a homeschool mom (of 6; my two oldest have graduated so I am still homeschooling 4). I am an “artist in recovery” so I love hearing about how you recovered your creativity. And your jewelry is fabulous. And I love that your mom posted a comment for you!!! My mother has Borderline Personality Disorder so I don’t know what that kind of nice mom is like.
    Blessings from a fellow Sister in Christ, fellow homeschooler, fellow artist and fellow Brave Girl!

    • Thank you so much, Joyfulmomof6! You’ll be amazed at what God has in store for you after your homeschooling days are finished. In the meantime, enjoy every moment of your children’s days at home. Such blessings!

  3. Janine,
    I look forward reading your blog, and experiencing your love for Jesus through your words, photography and creativity. You are truly a beautiful lady!

  4. Congratulations Janine. Your blog will be one of the best.. I know you’ll have lots to say and many projects and trips to talk about. Thanks for being a great witness for the Lord. You are a daughter to be proud of.

    • Thanks, Mom!! You are such an inspiration to me. I pray that this blog will be used by God for His glory. Thank you for your wonderful example in the blogging world!

  5. Hi Janine,
    What a nice idea….a blog about you and the things that you are important to you. You and your mom certainly have allot in common, and I enjoy reading her blog each week. I’m sure that I will learn more about you by reading your blog. You surely have wonderful artistic talent, and I really like the needlepoint that you recently did of the bird and the flowers!! Your photography is always fun to see, your jewelry is beautiful ; and I enjoy seeing all of your creative work. I look forward to reading your blog and I love the pictures that you have included here. Take care and God Bless.

    • I sure had a wonderful time embroidering that bird!! I may write a blog post about it. Thank you for all your kind words, Colleen! I look forward to interacting with you here. You always have such lovely things to say! Blessings to you too!

  6. Congratulations Janine! I am sure you will inspire many people with your love for Jesus, creative arts and encouraging words.

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